Senior care housing is on the rise, and so are options

By Sarah Kleiner
The Virginian-Pilot©
September 27, 2015

Bill Oast and his family recently made a tough decision that an increasing number of Americans will have to face:

Is it time to move Mom into a home for the elderly?

“My parents were of the school that the only way they were going to leave the home they were in was toes up, if you know what I mean,” Oast, an elder law attorney with Oast & Taylor, said last week. “That works well as long as they’re both in relatively good health and one of them is driving.”

Oast’s father died seven years ago, and his mother, Martha Ann Oast, stopped driving in 2013, he said. After she was declared a “fall risk” by her doctors, they told her not to work in her Portsmouth yard anymore, and she became increasingly isolated.

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