Veterans Benefits

Oast & Taylor Veterans Benefits

Virginia Veterans Benefits lawyers. We honor your service with ours.

As a Veteran, you provided years of time, effort, and service in performing the duties that protect our freedom. Oast & Taylor’s team of professional attorneys are committed to helping ensure that you benefit from the many programs offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Medical Care and Hospitalization
  • Compensation for Surviving Spouses
  • Military Pension
  • Funding for In-Home Care
  • Assisted Living and Retirement Home Benefits
  • Funeral and Burial Coverage

Eligibility for these benefits is determined by a number of factors, including financial eligibility, discharge status, service-related disabilities, and service during wartime. You can depend on Oast & Taylor to assess your situation individually and provide you with a comprehensive overview of how best to maximize your benefits while minimizing their effects on your assets and income.

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